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Step up your substance testing game with our comprehensive Marquis Reagent MDMA Test Kit, expertly crafted by WIM Scientific Laboratories. With a solid track record spanning over ten years, we ensure the highest quality by utilizing premium lab-grade chemicals, coupled with meticulous quality control. Our focus is on delivering reliable and clear-cut reactions to help you accurately identify MDMA, Molly, and other substances.

Steer clear of imitation products from makeshift labs! WIM Scientific Labs’ analytical reagents are freshly prepared to order, bypassing prolonged storage in external warehouses like Amazon. We offer robust 10 ml kits, surpassing the industry’s standard 5 ml or 7 ml offerings. Moreover, we avoid plastic droppers to prevent contamination and to extend the lifespan of our reagents.

Here’s what you’ll receive in your Marquis Reagent MDMA Test Kit:

– One (10 ml) Marquis Reagent in a tamper-proof, ISO 9001 certified lab-grade glass dropper bottle, capable of conducting over 200 individual MDMA tests.
– Detailed instructions, guidelines for safe handling and storage, plus access to a digital color chart for reaction reference.
– Around-the-clock customer support, ensuring you have assistance whenever needed for any queries or concerns.
– A testing vial, a spoon specifically designed for the kit, a child-resistant pill container, and additional promotional gifts.
– Discreet packaging to ensure privacy.
– Encrypted and secure order processing, safeguarding your information.

Orders are dispatched on the same day if placed before 12 PM CST, with delivery times ranging from 2 to 5 days based on your location. Expedited overnight shipping options are available. All orders include complimentary tracking information for your convenience.

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The Marquis Reagent Test Kit for MDMA is a chemical testing solution designed to identify the presence of specific substances within a sample. This reagent is particularly useful for detecting MDMA and its analogs, such as MDA and molly. When applied to a sample, a swift color change to black or purple indicates a positive result for MDMA.

Guidelines for Use

Marquis Reagent Test Kits are a critical tool in the fight against the distribution of harmful substances, including potentially lethal research chemicals. Utilizing the Marquis reagent can be instrumental in confirming the existence of MDMA and similar stimulants. This type of kit is not only a preventative measure against the spread of illegal drugs but also serves as an essential resource for harm reduction.

Instructions for Use

The Marquis Reagent consists of sulfuric acid and formaldehyde. To use the kit properly, one must adhere to a precise set of instructions. The steps are detailed and should be followed meticulously to ensure accurate results. When testing, it is crucial to use the provided reference materials, such as color charts, to interpret the outcomes accurately. Despite its capability to detect MDMA presence, the reagent does not measure the substance’s purity or concentration.

Testing Procedure

When conducting a test, it is vital to use only one reagent kit at a time to prevent cross-contamination. Given the chemical nature of the reagent, protective latex gloves should be worn to avoid any potential harm to the skin, eyes, or mouth.

To begin testing, place a small amount of the sample onto a clean surface, such as a ceramic plate. Carefully dispense a single drop of the Marquis Reagent onto the sample, ensuring that the dropper does not come into direct contact with the substance to avoid contaminating the reagent for future tests.

Immediately after administering the reagent, observe any color change that occurs and compare it to the provided color chart to interpret the results. A negative outcome indicates the absence of MDMA, while a positive one confirms its presence, even in samples of lesser quality. This test is a valuable resource for identifying counterfeit drugs and ensuring the safety of substances before use.

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32 reviews for Marquis Reagent

  1. Lavante

    Got my kits in today, shipping was super fast and the tests worked. No problems at all, will be ordering again.

  2. Fast Eddie

    The test works smoothly and the directions are super easy to follow!

  3. mollyme

    Worked great.

  4. EDMKID2020

    Amazing product. its so nice to know what im actually taking and how you think your taking MDMA but really you are taking something totally different

  5. Chase Breen

    Test is great thank you.

  6. Mack

    Thanks for the fast shipping!

  7. Joe Dwyer

    Amazing customer service. I especially appreciate the modern aspect of communicating with me through text. Young folk love that shit.

  8. Ari Stein

    These guys are there to help you. I had a question and they got back to me with in hours. Thanks so much!

  9. Alex Shaw

    Shipped fast, worked like a charm!

  10. Brad Shost

    Everyone should have one of these test kits. It is quick and easy to use

  11. Sonja N

    arrived very quickly

  12. Mat Rilez

    No issues, smooth transaction.

  13. Israel (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and excellent customer service, A must have kit if planning to consume some mollys..Really It could save your life.

  14. Daymien (verified owner)

    Came super quickly and was exactly what I needed !!!

  15. Ty Durenberger

    I love the bracelet!

  16. David M

    Everything came as expected and fast. Reagents reacted perfectly! Reaction cards are now only digital but the QR code worked and now I have all of the charts on my phone.

  17. Aldo Garcia

    Can this kit detect sibs in a dietary capsule?

  18. Steven Kaminski

    I havent placed my oreder yet hoqever since i just seen all these Great Reviews i will be purchasing 3-8 of these kits

  19. Kevin L. (verified owner)

    I really wish I knew about these testing kits years ago. I have been ripped off so many times through the years and did stuff without knowing for sure that it was what it should be. I got the Marquis kit and it got here in about 5 days which is pretty fast considering how far they are from me! I was sceptical about the reagent actually working as described but it worked almost immediately on the substance I was testing! I used to be so nervous to get anything from new people, but now I don’t have that problem ! The reagent takes away the chance of being ripped off or doing something fake that could harm you! I’m really happy with my reagent! Thanks WIMscilabs! You guys are real life savers!

  20. Kevin L. (verified owner)

    It’s been about 3 months since I bought the Marquis Reagent kit and I don’t even have the words to describe how happy I am with this product! I wish I knew about this company years ago because I have been ripped off so many times and I did stuff without knowing exactly what it was! After I ordered the Marquis Reagent it came 5 days later which is pretty fast! I was sceptical about the reagent actually working but it reacted instantly to the substance I was testing with the exact color it was supposed to be! This reagent is awsome and I really recommend anyone who is gonna do any kind of drug to get a reagent that corresponds to the drug your doing! Knowing what the substance is versus not knowing can be the difference between life and death! Thanks WIMSCILABS! You guys are truly life savers!

  21. Jen Fuller

    Got it. Works great. Not entirely sure what most of the things that came with it are for. Used a different test decades ago that was just a glass bottle of liquid. So a description on this page would be great. the mini glostick looking thing? The plastic 1ml tube?

  22. Kay

    It’s just a glow stick, a free gift. The only things u actually need are the liquid &the plastic tube/vial, which works as like a beeker. Put ur stuff in the vial, then liquid, close the lid &shake! Before u start tho, i would pull up &dl the chart bc im pretty sure that the color change process u need2 look4, happens @xyz secs. &only lasts so long.

  23. Brandywine

    I will definitely be ordering this test kit especially now that I read these great reviews.

  24. Jake E. (verified owner)

    Just got mine in. It makes the roll so much better when you know that what you took was actually MDMA. Your safety is worth it!

  25. JJ (verified owner)

    Kit came quickly. Super easy to use. Pull up the chart first then proceed. Definitely a lifesaver giving me piece of mind. Thanks!

  26. Trippy (verified owner)

    Thanks worked great. Glad to know it’s actually molly.

  27. Alex (verified owner)

    Came quick and tested clean. Great to have piece of mind.

  28. Hippie392

    Came in a discreet way and also very accurate. I feel much safer now with this testing kit thank you.

  29. Drew P.

    Good customer service, and I feel MUCH safer testing after using this test. Came discreetly, and quick shipping!

  30. Suk hu (verified owner)

    Super awesome kit, I never used to test my stuff until a couple of buddies of mine took what we believe to be 2CB. Since then I’ve always tested and this kit has saved me from taking eutylone. 10/10 kit and price

  31. Shav (verified owner)

    fast shipping , ordered from you guys a couple times and each time i got my package within 5 days of placing the order.

  32. Bradley

    Been getting a new bottle of this every year, super necessary.

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