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Step up your substance verification process with the premium LSD Test Kit offered by WIM Scientific Laboratories. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from utilizing top-tier laboratory-grade chemicals that enhance the accuracy and consistency of each of your tests.

Here’s why you should trust WIM Scientific Laboratories over the dime-a-dozen bedroom “chemists”:

WIM Scientific Laboratories prioritizes your safety and the integrity of the testing process by preparing reagents fresh to order, opposed to housing them for extensive periods in external warehouses or on platforms like Amazon. Our Ehrlich test kits come in generous 10 ml quantities – surpassing the common 5ml or 7ml sizes found elsewhere. Additionally, we avoid the use of plastic droppers which can contaminate reagents and reduce shelf-life, opting instead for certified ISO 9001 quality lab-grade glass dropper bottles.

What Your Ehrlich Reagent LSD Test Kit Includes:

  • A Full 10ml Ehrlich Reagent: Enclosed in a factory-sealed, ISO certified glass dropper bottle for over 200 individual tests.
  • Comprehensive Guidance: Complete with instructions for handling and storage, along with a digital chart for interpreting test results.
  • Around-The-Clock Support: Our team is reachable 24/7 through our contact page for any assistance or inquiries.
  • Additional Tools: The kit comes with a reaction vial, testing spoon, child-resistant pill container, and complimentary promotional items.
  • Privacy First: All our packaging is discreet to ensure your privacy.
  • Secure Transactions: Rest easy knowing your order details are encrypted and secure.

All orders placed before 12PM CST are shipped the same day, guaranteeing a delivery window of 2-5 days based on your location. Expedited overnight shipping is also available. Every order is accompanied by free tracking details for your convenience.

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The Ehrlich Reagent is a chemical solution used as a simple means to identify the presence of specific psychoactive substances, particularly LSD and other compounds that are structurally similar. This reagent produces a colorimetric reaction, typically turning a shade of purple to indicate the presence of indole alkaloids such as LSD, DMT, and psilocybin, among others. It doesn’t, however, provide information on the concentration or purity of the substance being tested.

Guidelines for Safe and Effective Application of the LSD Test Kit

The Ehrlich reagent plays a crucial role in harm reduction, allowing users to test substances for authenticity and potentially reducing the risks associated with the consumption of unknown or misrepresented materials. Using the Ehrlich reagent can help to identify hazardous synthetic compounds that might be masquerading as classic psychedelics.

For those conducting a test, it’s essential to use the reagent correctly:

Step-by-Step Procedure for LSD Detection

  1. Prepare by wearing protective gloves. The chemicals in the Ehrlich reagent can be harmful if they come into contact with skin or mucous membranes.
  2. Place a small sample of the substance to be tested on a clean, white ceramic surface to ensure that the color change can be easily observed.
  3. Carefully dispense a single drop of the Ehrlich reagent onto the sample. It’s crucial to avoid contaminating the reagent bottle by preventing it from touching the substance or any other surface.
  4. Watch for a color reaction on the sample, which should occur shortly after the reagent is applied. Compare any color change to a reference chart to interpret the results. Reference charts are often available from the supplier of the test kit or can be found online for accurate interpretation.

Please note that while Ehrlich reagent testing can indicate the presence of certain substances, it does not substitute for professional laboratory testing and should be used as a preliminary measure for personal safety. Always consult with experts or local harm reduction organizations for guidance on substance testing and safety.

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33 reviews for Ehrlich Reagent

  1. Todd Wiker

    Awesome product! Super fast easy to read results. Thanks guys.??

  2. MelissaKun

    Love this company and everything they stand for, amazing customer service. Seth went above and beyond to meet my expectations. The glows sticks were trippy and fun too lol.

  3. Chris Tryps (verified owner)

    Awesome company! Have previously always used BunkPolice but found this company is about half the price and quality is just as good! A++ don’t hesitate

  4. D Miller

    Received it just a few days. I have tried two reagents, and they do Indeed work very well. Overall I’m very happy, and when I need more I know where to come!

  5. Cheryl L

    Worked great, arrived super fast and all of the extras were a plus! This stuff saves lives 🙂

  6. Ryan G

    Tested half a tab and got instant results!!! 🙂

  7. Brian Henry

    Again, 100% reliable service

  8. Madeline Noel

    Used this to test a chemical and came out purple. So glad I invested in this because in my town you can’t trust what you get. This has soothed my fears and now I can even help out others get what they paid for.

  9. Arkadiy Lenchik

    Great seller, did everything as promised. A+++

  10. N. Gram (verified owner)

    Top quality! Fast shipping! Great price! Wouldn’t order from anywhere else!

  11. David G (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and great quality for the price! The glow stick is pretty neat too 🙂

  12. Jonathan Cruz (verified owner)

    Works good. it did its job now when I drop I dont have to worry about my tabs being fake

  13. Donnel F. (verified owner)

    Shipping was very fast and cheaper than everyone else, but still had the same quality.

  14. thirdeyeshaman


  15. joe (verified owner)

    IT WAS REALLY NICE! thank you so much, luckily what i tested (lsd) was pure and note to all of you reading: please read the instructions and wear protective gear! it got shipped to me in about a week thank you!

  16. Trevor (verified owner)

    Amazing. $10 (when I bought it), free shipping, and it came in 4 days. Everything is packaged neatly, and contains some fun little surprises like a wrist band and small glow-stick. I was concerned when buying because the reviews were only 5 stars (which made me suspicious if they were real or not) but the whole experience definitely warrants 5 stars. I won’t be buying from anywhere else from now on! Such a great company! Safe tripping 🙂

  17. Doug L

    Gettin trippy tonight :o)

  18. Ken

    Works alright, good pricing for quality, competitive and discrete

  19. Brandon Williams (verified owner)

    Best deal I could find for Elrich. 3-4 day shipping. Very nice. Only thing I was bummed about was not getting the wristband. The mini glowstick was a cute touch. Can’t wait to break that out somewhere and melt minds xD

  20. Happy Consumer/ Traveler (verified owner)

    its amazing that I got this in two days and the world can get some covid 19 testing HA! Great product works great puts everyone at ease and saves lives!! thanks guys!

  21. Chris (verified owner)

    Saved my brain! Amazing product and worth the money! Stay safe out there ✌️

  22. Trippy1

    2nd time buying lasts forever I believe it’s more then 200 test if you wanna stretch it but it’s a great product I highly recommend

  23. Brandon sloan

    Do they test xans? Theres alot of fakes out there. And I’ve been looking for a kit to them to make sure they are real before I buy, I have bad anxiety, and i dont even wanna walk into Walmart let alone a DR. Office to get my own prescription

  24. Andrew Hurtubise (verified owner)

    Bought and worked just as intended! Stay safe everyone.

  25. Caroline

    Does this mean It will stay totally white if there is even the smallest amount of impurities?

  26. TJ (verified owner)

    Awesome:), affordable, shipped pretty fast and gave a clear result! Definitely reccommend!

  27. Mcswigginz (verified owner)

    Fast results puts your mind at ease knowing if your taking the real stuff.

  28. Rodney Smith (verified owner)

    Great brand/product. It worked perfectly every time I used it, so I’m purchasing my 2nd vial now. I highly recommend. It’s a smart move to buy this product.

  29. E.W.

    Exactly as described, fast delivery and fun packaging. 10/10

  30. Pink

    Bought this a while back and have been taking safe journeys ever since!!!! Lasts a while and is very easy to use. Please go safely!

  31. D-money

    The worked faster than I thought it would it change to the right drak color in less than the time card said to leave it in together love it I’m getting the rest of them asap

  32. Brad (verified owner)

    l recently picked up some tabs from a stranger. I’ve had bad experiences in the past so I wanted to test. It was easy to see that it contained LSD because the blotter paper turned purple. I only used 2 drops. Within seconds it was entirely purple. If it didn’t turn purple it wasn’t LSD. excited to start microdosing!

  33. PNPFem

    Stay trippy my friends!

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