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Fentanyl Detection Strips by WIM Scientific Laboratories are designed to identify the presence of fentanyl and numerous related analogs, including the highly potent carfentanil. Notwithstanding their capabilities, it is crucial to acknowledge that they may not recognize every fentanyl-like substance. Therefore, a strip that shows a negative reading is not a definitive indication that the sample is devoid of all types of fentanyl analogs.

Each package of our fentanyl detection kit is equipped with:

  • One strip for testing fentanyl
  • Comprehensive guidelines to ensure proper usage, along with information on safe handling, pertinent promotional materials, details on appropriate storage, and, critically, a chart of possible reactions.
  • Our dedicated support details, offering assistance and available around the clock for any help needed, be it for problems, feedback, queries, or concerns.

We guarantee same-day dispatch for orders placed before noon CST, with an estimated delivery time between 2 to 5 days, contingent on your location. Please note that our fentanyl strips are shipped without a tracking number unless they are ordered alongside another product.

The substances that our testing strips can accurately detect include, but are not limited to:

  • Fentanyl
  • Butyryl-fentanyl
  • 3-Methylfentanyl
  • Sufentanil
  • Cyclopropylfentanyl
  • Acetylfentanyl
  • Tetrahydrofuran fentanyl
  • Carfentanil
  • Acrylfentanyl
  • Flouroisobutyryfentanyl
  • Furanylfentanyl
  • p-Flourofentanyl
  • β-OH-thiofentanyl

It’s important to stress that while our strips are a useful tool for identifying these substances, they should not be solely relied upon to ensure the complete absence of fentanyl analogs in a given sample.

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Ensuring the safety of substances before consumption is crucial, especially when dealing with drugs such as heroin or cocaine that may be tainted with fentanyl or its analogs. Due to the inconsistent mixing of these potent substances, one part of the drug mixture might be fentanyl-free, while another could contain a fatal amount. It’s critical to test the entire quantity of the drug to prevent accidental overdose.

How to Safely Test Substances for Injection

If you’re using injectable drugs, it’s important to perform a test every single time before you use. The most reliable way to test is by using the remains from your mixing container. Follow these steps to ensure your safety:

  1. Prepare your injection as usual, but do not use the drug immediately. Set the syringe aside for a moment.
  2. Into the spoon or container you’ve used for mixing, add approximately one milliliter (or 1/4 teaspoon) of sterile water.
  3. Using a fentanyl test strip, immerse the non-blue end into the solution you’ve just added to the spoon or container.
  4. Wait for the liquid to wick up to the testing area of the strip, which typically takes around 30 seconds.
  5. Place the strip on a flat surface and give it two minutes for the results to develop. Ensure you refer to a proper reaction chart to interpret the results correctly.

WIM Scientific Laboratories distinguishes itself by offering comprehensive testing kits that are designed with high-quality laboratory materials, guaranteeing reliable and clear reactions for each test administered.

Each analytical testing product from WIM Scientific Lab is freshly produced, assuring quality and efficacy, and they avoid prolonged storage in distribution hubs which could impact test sensitivity.

7 reviews for Fent Test Strip

  1. Cam (verified owner)

    Haven’t tested them yet, but it makes no sense that they don’t come with any instructions. I’ll have to look them up and write it down for later

    • WIM Scientific Laboratories (verified owner)

      Orders ship with a post card, you must scan the QR code on the card to access the instructions. Give us a call if you need more help, thanks!

  2. Walter

    Yeah I ordered 3 of these & it didn’t come with any instructions or charts. It came with a bag with 3 straps & a silica pack. Came with a little bracelet, & a little sticker. That pretty much it. Woulda been nice to have the chart & instructions tho! Maybe next time…

  3. Alias Joe Doe (verified owner)

    works great. tested one control (tap water) , one prescription benzodiazepine. both showed negative results as expected. I then tested a substance confirmed to be fentanyl, tested positive as expected. works great, reliable and cheap. This is a MUST for any substance user.

  4. Hector M.

    Good product, scan the QR code they give you for the instructions. Fairly easy to use, just do not dilute the substance too much, I’ve already received 2 false positives. Must re-test.

  5. Someone with Common Sense

    People complaining about no instructions , did taking illicit drugs come with instructions? the instructions are on the QR code , and on this site you ordered the product from. You gave a very good product 3 stars for your own lack of common sense. I personally have used several reagents from this site and have not had great results.

  6. Someone with common sense

    Edit my precious comment to have had great results pls. Sorry

  7. Anonymous

    Instructions for everything are on the download page, after finding those everything works as expected. Super simple to use

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